Are Airtags Waterproof? Not Completely

An Airtag is an Apple accessory that lets users easily track their belongings. It works by attaching an item to the Airtag and monitoring it from an iPhone or iPad. You can also use it to monitor the distance and direction of the lost item. You may therefore be asking if it’s safe to attach an Airtag to a product that will come in contact with water. This article will answer that question and give you tips on keeping your Airtags safe around water.

Are Airtags Waterproof? Not Completely

Airtags Water Resistance Rating

Understanding your devices’ limitations and IP rating can help ensure that they work as they are supposed to and last as long as possible. This is especially important with Airtags, as they monitor other valuable items. One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to Airtags is their ability to withstand being submerged in water. Their IP67 rating makes them as dust and splash-resistant as the iPhone SE. An IP67 rating means that Airtags can be submerged to a maximum depth of one meter of water for at least 30 minutes. It’s important to ensure that the item your Airtag is attached to can withstand the same underwater conditions.

Although Airtags are rated as dust and water-resistant, it doesn’t mean that you should use them in situations where dust and water are likely to be an issue. The ratings provide information on what the devices can withstand, but that doesn’t mean that Airtags should continuously be exposed to these conditions.

Airtag ratings are not guaranteed to remain the same. The protection offered may decrease over time as the Airtags age or get damaged in some other way. How often the device is used also affects its long-term level of protection.

An Airtag’s water resistance isn’t something that you should put to the test on a daily basis. Instead, it should be seen as a layer of protection for your device if it comes in contact with water. If an Airtag falls into a toilet bowl, it should be fine. Likewise, if a bag that has an Airtag is lost underwater, you will be able to track and retrieve it using your Apple device. Of course, this is, only if it isn’t submerged deeper than one meter and for longer than half an hour.

Drying Your Airtags

There is no need to worry if your Airtag accidentally falls in a puddle of water. You can safely dry it and restore proper functionality. However, it’s not recommended that you blow on the device or place it under a blow-drier or hand drier. These methods will only send the water deeper into the device. Here’s what you should do instead.

  1. Dry off the Airtag with a soft cloth. Keep it as still as possible to avoid moving the water deeper into the device.
  2. Open the Airtag by holding down the silver battery cover and rotating it counterclockwise.
  3. Remove the battery and leave the device, battery, and cover out to dry. Placing Silica packs around the Airtag could help dry it faster.
  4. Give the Airtag time to air dry. This process could take a few hours.
  5. Once it’s completely dry, pop the battery back in until it makes a sound, and then replace the cover. Ensure that the three dots on the cover match the grooves on the Airtag.
  6. Test that the Airtag is working correctly by opening the Find My app to see if you can locate it by sound.

Airtag Waterproof and Splash-Proof Cases

Although Airtag’s water-resistant ratings are impressive, it’s still important to be careful around water. You may want to invest in a case to protect your device, especially if you are often on the water. Airtags are still new on the market, so there aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to waterproof cases. However, there are some good quality products that you can find in stores.

Elevation Lab Tag Vault Case

Elevation Labs, a company specializing in waterproof cases, was the first to launch a waterproof case for the Apple Airtags. The Tag Vault case is made of durable stainless steel and has a compact design that saves on space. It’s one of the best Airtag cases in the market.

Caseology Vault Case

The Caseology Vault for the Airtag is a great choice for keeping your Airtags safe. It features a durable case with a built-in carabiner that you can use to attach almost anything. Its flexible frame also makes it easy to store the Airtags. The Caseology Vault opens on both sides, which will allow the Airtag to be trackable when you’re looking for your misplaced item.

ESR Airtag Case

The ESR Airtag case is an affordable way to protect your device. It features two holders that come with built-in keys. These are easier to use than the traditional keyring meaning the case can be attached to almost anything. The open design of this Airtag case helps keep the signal strong and prevents it from muffling sounds when you are looking for your item. It’s made with a flexible silicone material that you can clean with a quick wipe.

Spigen Rugged Armor Airtag Case

The Spigen Airtag case is built to withstand the elements and provides a great way to protect your tracker. It features a built-in carabiner and a zinc and stainless steel frame. It also features a handy bottle opener that can be used when you’re ready for a cold beverage.

Amitel Case

If you have an unusually shaped item that you need to attach an Airtag to, such as a remote control, then the Aimtel case is the perfect solution. Use the adhesive on the side of the case to attach the Airtag to the product you want to track. The silicone construction of the case makes it easy to clean.

Generic Water-Resistant Airtag Case

This pocket case has a simple silicone design with an opening at the top, making the Airtag easily accessible. It will protect your device without restricted access if you need to reach it quickly. The case comes in seven different colors and is available on Amazon.

Generic Transparent Airtag Case

This transparent case is ideal for displaying your Airtags and any custom engravings they may have. It features a durable and flexible TPU material that will retain its color over time. It comes with a dust-resistant design that will keep it looking great for years to come.

Olixar Silicone Protective Skin

This Airtag case doesn’t have a clasp, instead, the edges are stretched to fit over the Airtag. It can be a little tricky to get your device inside the case, but it’s secure and well protected from the elements once it’s there. The carabiner-style opening is more convenient than a traditional keyring but might be less safe as it doesn’t have a lock feature.

Stay Dry

Although Airtags are water-resistant, it’s still essential to avoid exposing them to water. They can survive for up to 30 minutes underwater, but they might be irreversibly damaged if submerged in anything deeper than one meter of water. If your Airtags have come in contact with water, this guide will show you how to dry them so that you can use them again.

Have your Airtags come in contact with water? Let us know in the comments below if you were able to use them after this incident.

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